Monday, January 27, 2014

Lawrence Weber- A Poem

A Reflection On The Eternal Light Peace Memorial
E Pluribus Unum
Out of many, We are One nation,
Under God
With liberty and justice for some.
And that is not opprobrium because
God knows We are not perfect.
Our founders rightly decided
That We should ceaselessly strive
To form a more perfect Union
Even though at one time We were Two
Sections symbolically separated
By an invisible line of supposed differences
Failing to realize that separation breeds separation
Not unity.
We eventually became Three
Sections dividing North, South, and West.
We fell apart in hatred and violence and selfishness.
Like some families do,
We lost sight of our true nature, everybody’s true nature,
Which of course is love.
In our darkest days and with everything to lose
We found the strength to recreate ourselves anew.
To ensure that We would remain the last best hope of earth,
We washed away in blood the sin that divided us
By remembering who We were called to be
Four score and seven years ago,
And that our true nature: love, was only love when it was free.
So what happened to the dream of Peace Eternal in a Nation United?
Where did it go?
Perhaps it truly is well to ask what kind of nation We are
And what direction We want to move in.
Are We fully living up to who We The People are?
And if the answer is no, why?
Will you climb to the mountaintop with me?
And if so, what will We see when We look upon America from there?

Lela Marie De La Garza- A Poem


When the path
Is dark I know
God leads me
Where I should go;

On his bounty
I shall feed;
He supplies
My every need

As I cast out
Wants and fears
To live with Him
All my years.

Louie Clay- A Poem

Angels Unawares 

I did not notice 
     the large stranger 
enter the mission. 
     Drunk and hostile, 
he appeared before me, 
     as if an apparition, 
his fist raised.

"Does God love me!?" 
     he shouted.

A strength not my own 
     canceled all my fear.

"Of course, and we do too."
     I said.

He collapsed, weeping.

Louie Clay, 77, is a retired teacher and lives in East Orange, NJ. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Donal Mahoney- A Poem

Lunatic, Liar or Lord

He has to be
one of the three--
lunatic, liar or lord

but don't ask me
which of the three
I know Him to be.

I've known forever
faith is a gift 
He alone can give.

"Ask," He said,
"and you shall receive.
Knock, and the door

will be opened." 
If I didn't know,
I'd keep asking.

I'd knock down doors 
till I discovered 
which of the three 

I know Him to be--
lunatic, liar or lord.
It's important to know

while breathing.
Find out now.
Not then.

Donal Mahoney lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

Your lantern

the glistening light
of Your presence
smiles of me
lanterns of truth
to cut through all the
darkness holding
me taut
You embrace me
with the flames
of stars
to burn away the
clinging so tightly
to body and soul, showing
me that the right way
may not always
be easiest, but it is the
most rewarding
so i trust You because You're
the only friend that's never
let me down;
the only one that that's never
lied or afflicted me with
flagons of pain,
so i'd rather drink of Your
lantern lights of service and passion
than to burn out and become
a lifeless void,
just another oblivion
that You cannot use; a broken halo
refusing to emit the light it
should simply because i chose
the path of ignorance.


when all the light ends
there is nothing
but the void of You
i've crawled trapped in my
sin all too long
You free me
from the bondage of chains
dragging me down
every chasm
of shame,
and i cannot thank You enough
for Your tender mercies
and blessing
flowing over me even when
i'm a spoiled and petulant child pulling
stubbornly away from Your hand
You gently call me back
from the vanity
of my own selfish wants and needs
forcing me to realize
that You have a higher purpose
for me, and that i can
heal that is not necessary for me to
wound as i've been wounded,
and i thank You for making
me a better person
than i would be without Your guidance.

christmas epiphany

You calm the tempest
in my soul,
make my rage dissipate
into oblivion
You are the reason
for the season
all the presents beneath the
christmas tree for without
your presence the
season is nothing
but miss
missing the point, missing the value, missing
the mark, missing You,
and Father
i don't want to make that mistake
again for i make it far too
oft push You aside
make excuses
yet You always give me the present
of mercy and grace and forgiveness
lead me back into the
of Your light
cause me to see the truth in ways
i hadn't considered, make me
believe in Your words
once more.

Lela Marie De La Garza- A Poem


Right into darkness
Hope brings the dawn,
Parting the shadows,
Glimmering on,

Leading through loss,
And deepest despair;
Showing the pathway
It knows is there,

Finding lost dreams,
Then making them whole;
Hope is a rainbow
Lighting the soul.