Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ramona Thompson- Two Poems

Looking Up
So very self absorbed
Always caught up in
What's going on upon that tiny little screen
We lose track
Got no regard
For those around us
Certainly no time
For some big guy
Up in the sky
Lost in translation
Church doors open
But we ain't going through them
Too busy
Chasing that next incoming text message
So quickly times have changed
So quickly we've learned
To leave his teachings behind
One urgent call after another
We take
Forgetting to answer
The most important call of all
Claiming only
So many hours in a day
Just not enough time
What's gonna happen?
When judgement day comes
Lift up those eyes
Even just for a second
Plan Him into your day
Slip Him a moment or two
Can't you afford that much?
Do you really wanna get up there to find
You have a heavy price to pay
For looking down
When all along
You should have been
Looking up instead
2015 Ramona Thompson
God's Gals
So you got a nice, thick booty?
So what?
Do you really think that's gonna save you?
When judgement day comes
Your worth is in your soul
Not your temporary body
No matter how sexy and hot
It's all just window dressing
Don't count at all
When it comes to the bigger blessing
You can shake it
Just like some cheap video vixen
Get your kicks
Your thrills
But at what cost
Is it worth it?
Giving in to the flesh
When so much more awaits
In the holy spirit
Life is a passing thing
What comes after is forever
A gift beyond measure
But it can't be yours
Unless you accept it
Embrace Him
For now and forever
Put Him above
Your fleshly beauty
And all the Romeo's sweet words
For His alone are
The only words that truly matter
Come to Him now
Come to Him
For always
Turn from that selfie
Hold faster
To what is holy
In the spirit
Find your true awakening
Blissful and yours always
Never to be taken away
If you let yourself be
From this moment forward
One of God's gals
For keeps
2015 Ramona Thompson
Ramona Thompson has been writing for more then 20 years. Her past publishing credits include Calvary Cross, Dead Snakes, Howl, This Ain't No Rodeo and many more.
Readers/fans may connect with her via facebook or her e-mail reddstar111@gmail.com  

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Miss MT Loughnane- A Poem

In your weakness

In isolation lies a trap, waiting for its prey
The fertile mind a hunting ground, broken, battered, grey
Where once was hope, confusion lies, racing broken mind
So many thoughts, all at once, confused, all seeing, blind.
Wasted hours, wasted days, wasted months and years
Not thinking straight, then thinking straight, anger, sadness, tears.
What is peace to such a soul, nothing seems to stay
Every little piece of joy is snatched and torn away.
Broken body, broken heart, tormented twisted soul
To see such darkness straight ahead, takes a heavy toll
To give your heart, to give your mind, your hopes and all your dreams
To wait for just one happy day, waiting endlessly
To see real darkness and feel it's breath, its laughter in your face
Wondering if anything could ever take its place
Or if consumed by so much fear, you'll never hope or love
To harden up your very soul, even to God above
This is the place where he works best, as you lie upon the ground
Dead inside you close your eyes to the God who can be found
Then comes a choice to give your heart, your trust to he who cares
To understand this suffering is because he was not there
He does not force his love on you, or his healing touch
But wants you for his very own, a child he'll love so much
So whatever darkness fills you up, please ask him to reveal
To show you who he really is to see to hear to feel
Nothing else will heal your mind, nothing ever can
This suffering could really be, part of your life plan
So what direction to you go? down to the abyss?
Or do you want to meet someone, who loves, who cares, who lives?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

of anger & forgiveness
we're not as innocent as we
want everyone to believe
for we persecuted Your son to a
death He didn't deserve,
and so when i see people always trying
to play the part of martyr when
they are the bully
i cannot help but become incensed;
but You tell me to forgive them
as You have me, 
but i'll admit this isn't always easy for me
sometimes i want to hold their sins
against them;
but that isn't loving as You do and so i have
learned to swallow my pride and 
crucify my ego to forgive where You would have me
and to walk away from people when i have to
because You have given me a perfect
peace i do not want to forget.

love & respect 
You were always there 
when no one else could be bothered to care,
and You dried the tears from my cheeks
put me to sleep
when no one was there to hold me
or comfort me in their arms;
and You remind me
that my worth is infinite even if the world cannot
see it that You can and that makes me 
determined to find a partner that 
loves me as You do and i can love him as You
do me;
but i will never settle for anyone who disrespects
You because they would likely
disrespect me, too.

awesome enormity 
You made the heavens and the stars
and every ocean wave
every sunset and sunrise and smile of
a kind stranger,
You made love and laughter and You have
spared me from so many disasters;
it is so hard to fathom sometimes how someone
with such infinite power and strength and 
enormous arms
could care for so much for me 
when i am but a gaunt footstep in this world;
yet You do,
and i feel Your presence when the tears won't stop
flowing and when laughter leaves my lips
You are there to encourage me
so i can encourage and love others as you have me
You have given me perfect peace even when
i am in the eye of the storm,
and i could never describe how awesome You are 
to the world in enough words.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jonathan Beale- Two Poems

Lent Days

Easter people trod first
Upon that shadowed day
The still wind
Kissed their cheek
And the days drew in

The sand between toes
And dust between fingers
The tabernacles stayed
The portent to be flayed
The days started to grow

Gethsemane became the monument
14 stations and the rise
Here there is no place for dust
Here is where life’s a must
Until Golgotha was found

The sun rose – life rose
The birth of the Easter people
The concerto rung
Rebirth was sung
The Lenten days bore The Easter People

In The Scarcity

Remnants - lay scattered
Yet almost placed by an unseeing hand.
With the look of garage, shed, or workshop
Things lay strewn - yet in some
Perfect sequence.
The deep alter wine among
The missals – words compressed
And as linear as a lifetime –
Here the base celebrant
Lies in wait.
They come along
As the old Greek
Philosophers knew
Tiny injections lead to
Great ravines
Spaces, places to think –
To breathe - the reflection
Between sky and river
Draws and draws
And expectation of the world
To be revealed
From within the chalice
When it was there
All along.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ramona Thompson- Three Poems

Nail Me To Your Calvary Cross

Take me higher
Feed me
With faith
Light me up
In his glory
Righteous and true
Show me the way
To live the life
On my knees
He wants me to

He is the sword
I hold
The mercy of whom I dream
With him
I am everything
Without him
I am nothing
Even less then vomit
And so proud I am
To bear whatever burden
He puts upon me
For in due time
I know
Upon his wings
To the sweet Heavens above
Someday I shall be lifted

So mistake not
Who I serve and why
My perfect master
In all things
Earth and above
There for sure is no other
Now or ever
I shall not be the sad one
To stray
Eternal in his arms
Blessed be
I stay
Removed by man nor beast
I wanna be

So open the door
Get back
All you devils
I won't be held down
Now that I've surrendered
Given up all
My life is his
His will
My will
Nail me oh lord
Yes, please
Nail me
Nail me to your calvary cross

2015 Ramona Thompson

God Bless Bruce Jenner

Tall and proud
Feel no shame
In at last finding
The beautiful woman
God made you to be
Sweet smile
Perfect hair
How could you be anything but blessed?

Follow every dream
In his name praise
The joyous discovery of your self truth
No matter the critics' jeers
Know in the Heavens above
There are for you
A thousand cheers

You are a true inspiration
An earthbound angel for sure
A gift rare and wonderful
What more can be said?
Such a lovely transformation to come
Thank you for being you
God bless Bruce Jenner
Our hero
Praised most high
By this savior above
Never so proud
As now

2015 Ramona Thompson

He Took The Sword

I was fallen
Full of vengeance and sin
My lust for payback
Knew no bounds
I had turned my back
All faith lost
I knew no God
No man named Jesus
These knees refused to bend

Man made monster
Consumed by rage
Blinded by fury
I refused any pleas for mercy
Blood was my drink
My enemies flesh was my food
Soon ashamed
I prayed
Salvation would find me

All was lost
Tears flooded my soul a river
Raw and broken
I crawled forward
Barely an inch at a time
For the first time
I sought the lord I had never dared before
To believe in

In the darkness
A light fell upon me
An invisible hand
Upon my shoulder
Smoothing words
I heard in my head
A small, still voice
And then I knew
I was forgiven
The day I turned
Gave all up to a savior
Who by grace still was there beside me

2015 Ramona Thompson

Ramona Thompson has been a writer for more then 20 years with such publishing credits to her name as Fifth Di ezine and This Ain't No Rodeo.

Fans/readers may contact her anytime on facebook or e-mail-reddstar111@gmail.com

Hild Sirri Ndenecho- Two Poems


Pain will kill
But words will heal
On days like this
When I feel no peace
I hide in the shadows of words
I blend my pain in the ink
And let go all I have got
I melt into the letters
Letting out my fears,
Don’t waste my tears
Each one has a story
Each one creates a melody;
I’ve found my transformer;
Turn my wrongs
To joyful songs
Turn my misgivings
To thanksgivings
Turn my no
To yes
When all is uncertain,
Out comes the poet
From behind the curtain
She draws from weakness
And creates from the mess
She is stability
And she is me
When all of me feel like dying,
God brings out the poet in me


She stares in the mirror
She sees an image
But it’s a misdemeanor
She feels much rage
The image speaks voices
Loud and crazy noises
“Not good enough”
“Not slim enough”
“Not fair enough”
“Not tall enough”
“Not beautiful enough”
She’s imprisoned by voices;
“Get heels so high,
I’d be tall enough”
“Lose weight off my thigh,
I’d be slim enough”
“Just a little bleach,
I’d be fair enough”
“Just a bit more rich
I’d be good enough”

Beneath the surface
Beneath the sad face
Beauty searches for resolve
True self waiting for revolve
Beauty asking for answers
Who defines beauty?
Who creates beauty?
Who weighs beauty?
In the petals of flowers
In the green of nature
In the running waters
In the colors of rainbows
Lies a world of blended beauty
The difference of colors
The difference of shades
Give the world a beauty
Beauty that never fades

Our beautiful world
Is all in differences
Different shades and colors
So are beautiful people
What makes you different,
Makes you all beautiful

Lela Marie De La Garza- A Poem


You can help this torn
And weary world to mend:
Just reach out to a stranger
And find you’ve made a friend.

Daniel Klawitter- A Poem

When Wonder Turns To Praise
For this is an experience which is characteristic of a philosopher,
this wondering: this is where philosophy begins and nowhere else.
--Plato, Theaetetus.
But Mary treasured all these words
and pondered them in her heart. 
The Gospel of Luke, 2:19.
A mother
must be made
of much more
than mere maternity
to birth a child
so adored
and enamored of eternity.
For the Holy Ghost
made the Lord of Hosts
a temple inside your womb
and when you said “Yes”
the angels confessed
that the devil’s reign was doomed.
No one expected so much
from one so small…
-Holy Theotokos-
full of grace.  We ponder
the wonder
of it all. 

Bio: Among other things, Daniel is the lead singer/lyricist for the indie rock band, Mining for Rain, and a member of the Colorado Poets Center. His full-length poetry collection, A Poet Playing Doctor, will be released in the fall of 2015 by Alabaster Leaves Publishing. To learn more, visit: http://about.me/dklawitter