Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ramona Thompson- A Poem

Ramona Thompson has been writing for more then 20 years. Her past credits include How To Trick The Devil, Howl, Inner Fears, Blood Moon Rising, Infernal Ink, Calvary Cross, Dead Snakes and many more.
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Singles Bible Study
Sexual sin should embrace you never
Inside you should hold only the glory of our God above
No matter the urges of the flesh you must never give in
Glorious Jesus Christ alone you should worship
Linger not among those devils who would mislead you
Every day find a way to resist the temptations single life offers
Sin no so ye may be saved in the life to come after
Boldly say no to wayward ill meaning friends
Insist upon a new and improved you every day that you live
Believe and everlasting peace you shall have
Lose those enemies dying to lead you down the path to ruin
Embrace his teachings over the sinful world's
Study to show thy self improved
Take no harsh judgements to heart for it your life and yours alone to live
Until they accept all of you for who you are, turn them away
Don't follow just because they do
You are the future and a role model for those to come after you
Only you can lead them
To the Godly life
For them above all
He seeks them to live
2016 Ramona Thompson

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Jennifer Lagier- A Photo

                                               "Wall Angel"

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bruce Mundhenke- A Poem

By My Spirit

It's not about who's wrong,
It's not about who's right,
It's not about which tribe or nation
Has the power or the might.
There is a Spirit
From which came all,
That rules the day,
And also rules the night.
A Spirit of patience and mercy,
A Spirit of truth and light.
When our Spirit
Is touched by the Spirit,
We discover that beauty is...
And though we must pass
Through this world here,
Time spent
When we dwell in Love
Is time spent without fear.

David J. Thompson- A Photo

                                        "Infant Jesus, Cadiz"

Friday, March 25, 2016

Donal Mahoney- A Poem

Rain on Good Friday

Many decades ago
when I was a kid
we always expected rain
at 3 p.m. on Good Friday 
said to be the hour 
of Christ’s Death on the Cross.

And more often than not,
it would rain at some point
if not exactly at 3 p.m.
Maybe only a shower
but enough to confirm,
for those of us who believed,
the significance of the day.

But those were different times.
Things were normal in the Fifties
as normal as Original Sin would allow.
Today a shower wouldn’t cut it
but a flood might help to refresh
the memory of man, especially if 
no ark could be found.

Donal Mahoney 

Donal Mahoney, a native of Chicago, lives in St. Louis, Missouri. His fiction and poetry have appeared in various publications, including The Wisconsin Review, The Kansas Quarterly, The South Carolina Review, The Christian Science Monitor, The Chicago Tribune and Commonweal. Some of his work can be found at

David J. Thompson- A Photo

                                 "Flowers For Suffering, Cadiz"

Donal Mahoney- A Poem

Someone from Home

When I was a child we always went to church but only once a year as a family.

My father would rise every Sunday and attend the 6:30 Mass, then come home and read his Sunday paper, every word of it, section by section, saving the obituaries for last.

My mother would stuff my sister and me into our Sunday best and send us off to the Children’s Mass at 10. It was a short walk to the church and times were different back then. We were children but safe in our little neighborhood of brick bungalows where neighbors kept an eye out for strangers or anyone or anything that looked odd. The south side of Chicago in the Forties and Fifties was blue collar, little villages teeming with immigrants and very peaceful, except for the occasional fight that might break out in a neighborhood bar. 

After sending my sister and me off to church, my mother would put the roast in the oven, ask my father to keep an eye on it, and she would go to the 11:15.

This was our family pattern, even on Christmas and Easter. I recall not one variation.

But there was that one day a year when the four of us as a family went off to church together. And that was on Good Friday when we walked to the church, my sister and I in front, my father and mother right behind us, to attend the Stations of the Cross at 3 p.m. Not a word was said as we walked those few blocks. But I was impressed by this family event because if it was important enough to get us to go to church together, I figured Good Friday must be a pretty important day.

The only other time we went anywhere as a family was an Irish wake. Chicago back then was not only home to the Stockyards filled with cattle, swine and sheep. It was also home to large groups of immigrants. And my father would always want the family to dress up and go to an Irish wake, hoping, as he so often said, to meet “someone from home.”

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ananya S. Guha- A Poem

Easter 2016

Easter, all will be quiet
on the front of my home town
and people streaming will alight
the church of love to witness
terrible history, salvation of a crucifix, and the church
will have mourners, for so many
years, enclasped in childhood's dreams , have I heard
these prayers, as the bells clanging, drumming a beat
in sobriety
as if in stupor. Hymns and songs
weave the prayer, lyrics chant
O God I want
and then it will be all over on
a Sunday of resurrection.
This monument of  love pray
This monument of  love stay
This monument  of love light
This monument  of love might
as satan demonic
and in time's order mnenomic .
Easter will once again amidst
ruinous ashes lead all roads
to prayer, the young and the
old will believe for once
that dark forces have withered.
My gnomic town remains unmoved.
No prayer can storm it's ramparts
of love.

Ananya S Guha

David J. Thompson- A Photo

                                   "Jesus And Candles, Seville"

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bruce Mundhenke- A Poem

This Day

I read some from the Book,
Glean a pearl or two,
Listen to some fossil rock,
Enjoy a song or two.
Fifty years have come and gone
Since I heard those songs new...
I learn of another terrorist attack,
Murder nothing new...
I visit with the dog and cat;
Both of them communicate,
But their words are few.
I tell my wife I love her,
I know she loves me too,
I then read some poetry
And write this poem to you.
I take a walk and watch birds fly
As clouds pass overhead.
I find that walking slows things down,
And often clears your head.
I think about the Lord of Lords,
There is only One.
I think about the universe
And how it all begun...
And though I only know in part,
I strive to learn and grow,
And as I live, I thank the LORD
For giving me this day.

David J. Thompson- A Photo



Tuesday, March 22, 2016

David J. Thompson- A Photo

                                               "Holy Week"

Friday, March 18, 2016

David J. Thompson- A Photo


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lily Tierney- A Poem


When there is nothing
ahead of you but
faith leading the way,
the senses can feel
all the love the Lord
has to give.

Trust in His steps,
they can only lead
to salvation in
an otherwise world
of confusion.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Richard Schnap- A Poem


There once was a bird
Crippled since birth
That had no wings
To bring flight

That could only watch
Others ascend
While it sadly dreamed
Of the sky

But then one night
It gazed at the stars
And sent up a
Silent prayer

To be answered when
The hand of a wind
Lifted it into
The heavens

Douglas Polk- A Poem


Jesus baptized in the Jordan,
by his cousin John,
water the symbol of life,
sacred and eternal,
Moses parting the Red Sea,
Hebrews given another change at life,
as they flee,
when cruxified,
blood and water,
flowed from Jesus's side,
when life ended,
and his body finally dead,
sacred and eternal,
another chance given,
for those who abide.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ramona Thompson- A Poem

Ramona Thompson has been writing for more then 20 years. Her past credits include How To Trick The Devil, Howl, Inner Fears, Blood Moon Rising, Infernal Ink, Calvary Cross, Dead Snakes and many more.

Readers/fans may stalk her on facebook or her e-mail

The Day Ain' t Over Yet

Devil got me
On my knees
But not for long
Not forever
Cause the day ain't over yet
I'm gonna start
By the skin of my teeth
Tooth and nail
Fighting back
No loser here today

My praise of my God above
In a moment of weakness
Ain't gonna just give up and quit
No, I'm gonna be
Made of tougher stuff then that
Knowing that for sure
Tomorrow is gonna be
A Heaven of a better day

On my knees
I'll still be praying
Both night and day
Keeping my soul
On that next righteous path
Won't let nothing tear me down
Send me down
Where I never wanna visit
Not even for a minute
Gonna burn
In those fiery depths

I'll remain God fearing
Jesus loving
No drugging
No heavy drinking
Just pure, clean sober living
Cause the fight and day ain't over yet
Even if at the end
He should damn me
Don't you know
I'll still be praising
My Lord's good name
Cause that's just the kinda Christian man I am

2016 Ramona Thompson

Friday, March 4, 2016

David J. Thompson- A Photo

                                "Through The Trees, Arkansas"