Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

we're all sinners

we are all imperfect
flawed creatures
the world from our own
each different from one another's,
and He forgives us;
so why can't we forgive one
He made us to love,
and Jesus says this is one of the
greatest commandments
yet you would say he hates gays;
God is love—
He may not condone what they're
but have you never sinned?
stop throwing stones
and open your hearts in compassion
realizing you aren't the one that
changes hearts He is;
and if you want them to believe in
Him then you must be
from the world as He's called you to be,
and realize not all of them will
believe but you
can still be the light He's called you
to be
because even sinner's can be

live without fear

if He is for you
then who could be against
yet we still fear
and i wish i understood why
there are more terrible
things than to be told
one is wrong;
He has called us to a higher purpose
than to please humans
we were called to be different than this world
so why should we fear rejection and
persecution we know will come?
it tells us 365 times in the bible to live
without fear,
and so we must trust He will take us
where we need to go,
and pray without ceasing that the
chaos in this world will
be extinguished
one day this world will end as we know it
yet He will come in a time unknown
to us all,
and so we must continue on
despite our differences and despite our pain
bringing light to a world of darkness.

child of grace

sometimes we must be brave for Him
in a world that scoffs at His words
we must hold tight to His
because if He is for us
then there can be no one against
and there are things worse than death:
cowardice for one,
and He has called us to be fearless
so i must trust and have faith and go boldly
where He tells me
even if my heart and step should waver
i know He controls my life
and one way or another He will get me where i
need to be—
i am not my own,
and so i must answer the call of my Creator
even when i am scared
He tells me to move and even when i'm exhausted He
carries me through,
and so i will be the woman He needs me to be
because i am of a worth even i don't know
i am His child.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

William- A Poem


The greatest songs of praise
Do not come from cathedral choirs                                
They do have the power
To move the soul of man

From wheelchair bound
Pain racked beds
Come songs of praise
Clear and sweet
A sound like no other

They rise in the midnight hour
And at the break of dawn
You can hear them in the quiet times

When the pain sets in
When all hope seems to fade
Voices singing praise and adoration
Mingled with their groaning

Oh God, my God
I will trust you
In my pain and despair

I cast all my cares and sorrow
Trusting in your mercy

Suffering cannot kill my spirit
I am broken in my body
Yet, my spirit lives

I sing in that might choir
Trusting until the end
Shaken but unbroken

Singing without ceasing  
Giving praises
Without end

Psalm 57:7
My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed:
I will sing and give praise.

William is 78 years and retired he has written poetry for Reach Up magazine a Christian publication. He writes poetry and short stories as a hobby. He lives in Crestview with his wife of 36 years Sharon.

Crestview is located in the Panhandle of Florida. He is a member of the Panhandle Poetry Project sponsored my our local library. He enjoys the Poetry open Mic-nights sponsored by the Robert L. F. Sikes Public Library where he regularly reads his work. Some of his poetry was selected to be placed in a time capsule by the Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida a history museum in Valparaiso, Florida.

His e-mail address is  dosplumas74@live.com.

J.D. DeHart- Three Poems


though the storm was coming
times were changing
people were being put to death
though the doubters doubted
though the rulers ruled
tying them up, binding them
even burning them
they nailed the pegs in new ground
as his pegs had been nailed
telling of his journey and migration.

Son's Son

woven and interwoven,
the relationship a symbolic whisper
from Father.
he was my Son, is my Son,
will always be my Son
and I give the most precious
part of Myself
a love letter written across beams.


we do not know the day
nor hour
when the frightened will head
for the hills.
the first coming was wrought
in an unexpected way.
no one expected a carpenter.
can we assume a blood-red 
moon, a series of trumpets,
or is it a tentative gesture
toward inevitable truth?

Jim Larson- Three Poems

How can we glorify God when his glory
Is beyond anything we can imagine?
All we can do is show him our hearts and
Praise him extravagantly, giving honor
And extolling his virtues to others who
Believe and those who may be influenced
By our love for him.

Praise, glory and honor we give to the Lord
To the Father. the Spirit and the Son;
For in them and by them and through them
We through are hearts are joined as one.

As we love each other we come to know
God's grace and joy in life,
But without him, we are adrift at sea,
Consumed with fear and strife.

So let us love each other more abundantly
And give to those in need,
For love comes through acting and giving
Of ourselves, our lives, our deeds.

The beauty of the Lord is like the glory of his being,
A mystery to the eyes and found without seeing.
When we seek him we find within our soul
A spark, a light, an indefinable power,
That guides us from moment to moment
Each year, each day, each hour.

Charles Burgess- A Poem

Upon The Cross

Dear Heavenly father in heaven hear these words I speak, this is for you.
As you died for our sins, upon that cross, you did with a smile.
While you were upon that cross, the tears ran down your face, you died for the human race.
I was lost but you showed me the way, now I pray to him every day.
While you lay upon the cross, marks on your skin; from being beaten again and again.
You took with all your heart so we could live free of sin, thank you lord for all you do.
Upon the cross you lost your life, to save the human life. Now I am here to say thanks.
You fought with your life just to save a poor soul like me, thank you my savior for doing it again.
You gave your life for us now, the world has forgotten about your sacrifice.
Thank you god for all that you do, your love is pure and true, and your guiding light shows the way.
Tears run down my face I know what you went through that fateful day.
They could not hold you down three days later you raised from the ground.
Jesus Christ thank you for giving your life upon the cross, with you my life will not be lost.

Donal Mahoney- A Poem

Seeing through the Fog

In the Shady Lane Nursing Home
Aunt Bea crochets and tells her niece 
sitting and listening this Sunday afternoon 

that the young ones pushing wheel chairs
changing sheets and bringing trays
must learn to knock because 

they’re unaware he’s behind that door 
under the big clock in the day room 
where the old ones sit for hours 

watching television, praying,
writing letters, weeping,
asking to go home. 

He's always there, she says, 
and he has the answers but
the young ones have to knock 

ask him what he wants 
because he’s a question 
not just an answer.

Donal Mahoney lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Linda M. Crate- A Poem

broken windows still emit light

i am broken
but Your light still
shines through me,
and You tell
me of my infinite worth
more than
than rubies and diamonds
carnelian, jasper,
and obsidian;
i am just a candle
but You shine brighter than
the sun
when Your love pours through me,
and i love to make people smile and
encourage them as You
do me—
i am broken,
but You restore me
i am but the clay and You are the
potter molding me
making me so much better than i could ever be
of my own volition
because You want your love to touch
the world,
and so through Your example:
i love.

Melanie Barbato- A Poem

Order in me my love

My children, my books,
Sunshine, good looks,
Chocolate and tea
The mountains, the sea
Tools, toys and stuff
The gentle, the rough
Order in me, God, my love

Fame, a clean name
The new and the same
Retirement savings
Food for my cravings
Food to survive
Happiness, life
Order in me, God, my love

A house and a home
The freedom to roam
Meaning and health
Wisdom and wealth
Memories, dreams
The Lord who redeems
Order in me, God, my love

Bio: Melanie Barbato has an academic background in Religious Studies and is currently completing her doctoral studies at LMU Munich/ Germany.

Charles Burgess- A Poem

I look to the lord above to show me love, I look to him not to cry.
The lord above I pray to you, I pray for everyone to be happy, its true.
I pray for the little girl with braces to be happy, for people not to laugh when she tries to walk.
I pray to the lord above, for the blind kid who can’t see, don’t laugh at his pain.
I pray to the lord, for the Man who lives outside, without a home, I pray to the lord.
I pray to you god, for I am lost, I need to be found, I pray for that mute who talks with no sound.
I pray to the father above, he has all love .
So it doesn't matter if your black, or white, he loves you the same.
Lord above, give me the strength to hang on, for I am alone.
Lord above hear my prayer, I pray for the world to have a true smile.
I pray for every one of you, that you find happiness in all you do.
I pray for you.

 Charles Burgess is a simple man, looking to get his poetry noticed, and change lives with the words he writes. He currently resides in Waco, Texas, with his wife, 2 kids, mom, aunt, and cousin. The poems he writes are deep in meaning to him, and he hopes he can inspire people and make their lives better. He can be contacted at Khaos20002@gmail.com

Lela De La Garza- A Poem


Let us be a light to those
Who stumble in the dark
For those who know not hope or faith
Let us be a spark

To light a fire with courage
And tell the good news of
The joy found in God’s promise
The glory in God’s love.