Saturday, August 30, 2014

Douglas Polk- Two Poems

In the Wilderness

final prayers said,
among the mountainous wilderness,
they wait to die,
or deny the faith,
the only two options,
Jesus tempted in the wilderness,
Satan alive,
even back then,
darkness and despair,
naked in the wilderness,
Christians pray,
wrapped in Angel's wings,
the world seemingly helpless,
tweets apologies and prayers,
unheard in the wilderness.

God pondered,
few the reasons to believe,
yet faith one of the few things truly possessed,
not a command,
or fear of condemnation,
only an invitation accepted.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Changming Yuan- A Poem

At the Intersection

Another cross, paved hard with cement
Which we can never carry away
From the heart of our inner city
Though all the traffic lights remain green

Susan Witmer Miller- Three Poems

Sitting at her desk
Darkness enveloping her
Only a lamp for company
Patiently waiting for inspiration.
Words come like a gentle spring rain,
At first a teasing sprinkle
Then a steady stream
Flowing from her spirit onto paper.
Life-giving words reviving churches and nations,
Soothing words bringing peace,
Comforting words healing hearts,
Spirit-filled words saving souls.
She is a poet,
Being used by her Creator
Touching lives
For Eternity.

I’m tired and weary,
No longer can I fight
My energy is sapped
I would rather just take flight.
Lord, life’s battles are so hard,
I often feel alone.
I can no longer fight them;
I’m tired to the bone.
Lord, please send in reinforcements!
I need my warrior friends,
To intercede on my behalf,
So the battle soon will end.
I know you are by my side
when opposition surrounds me.
But you and I need reinforcements;
Prayer warriors on bended knee!

There is a God who loves you,
There is a God who cares,
At times He seems far away,
But He is always there.
He has you wrapped in his loving arms,
Though He seems so far away.
He’s crying along with you,
His heart aches for your pain today.
He hates all the sin and pain
That’s in this fallen world,
And can’t wait to return again,
To make It all brand new.
So lay your burdens at His feet;
Tell Him the hurt you feel.
Vent all your feelings to Him;
With Him you can be real.

John W. L. Toivonen- A Poem

The Disciples Last Meeting in Jerusalem

It was best then to leave Jerusalem
and so they decided to set out for
footpaths that would carry them and their words
to men trained in different ways of eating
and ceremonies of diverse idols.

They had vowed to spread that spark that lighted
the way to the kingdom within. But now,
though not fearing death, they hated only
the absence of each other as they would

separate – with one in Asia Minor,
another ministering in Antioch.
So they sat in a room with draped windows
and gazed on each other knowing that their
tenure in Jerusalem was now done.

"The Disciples Last Meeting in Jerusalem" has been published in John W. L. Toivonen's first book of poetry, Song After a Long Campaign

John W. L. Toivonen published his first book of poetry, Song After a Long Campaign, in 2013. Toivonen has published his work in Atavic Poetry, Midwest Poetry Review, and Paterson Literary Review. His work will appear in the 2014 edition of Roanoke Review.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Donal Mahoney- A Poem


No one has to teach a field
of sunflowers how to worship.
Before dawn in high summer

their necks are bent 
in silent prayer like monks.
But as the sun comes up 

sunflowers rise as well. 
At noon they adore the sun 
the way monks in pews  

adore the Host at elevation.
Listen and you may hear  
sunflowers sing Alleluia!

Donal Mahoney lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rakotomahefa Diamondra- A Poem


Strong man chosen by God, 
fear and evil are lost, 
wanting to venerate more than anything. 
You who lead with rigor. 

Father of devotion, 
example of light, 
through your splendor, 
glimmers of hope. 

When from infinite heavens, 
gushed the divine fire, 
Royal winged carriage 
finally for eternally pardon you, 

now as endless reward, 
of so much abominable suffering, 
May you watch over us, 
so that we may follow you path 
until attaining HIM.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

an enduring name

Your words are the only ones
that count
in a world full of negativity and doubt
where dreamers don't dream
the way they used to,
and You inspire
me to hold onto positivity
for You have plans to prosper me and not
to hurt me;
You're the only one that has never
wounded me,
and sometimes You let the storm rage on
to know it's not my own power
but in Yours
that i can endure the storm,
and it's in Your perfect peace that i find that
everything is golden as sunshine
because Your name is the only one that saves
people have many idols these days:
technology, themselves, singers, writers, books, cds,
money, fancy cars, clothes,
but my hope will be in You because moth and rust
destroy and thieves may steal,
but Your name will endure forever.

true worth

the enemy
plants people in your life
to sow you misery,
the same people who take verses
out of context
get bent out of shape when someone
misinterprets their words;
but i know better to lay my trust in chariots
or in the things of earth
for they will fade
so i will lay my trust with You;
my friend, my redeemer, my savior—
i don't always understand,
but i know
Your ways are not my ways;
but even in my imperfect state to You
i'm more valuable than rubies
and i feel sad
for the people who don't know You
because they stagger
around not knowing their true worth and value,
and the one friend that would never
let them down.

of thorns and flower gardens

the world gives you three strikes then you're out,
but You say forgive seventy times seven
to not withhold
love or forgiveness from our enemies,
and sometimes it's hard
for me to pray for my enemies
until i recall that You love me, too, regardless if i were
a blessing or a curse to someone that day;
so i keep the peace,
and sometimes swallow down the anger
that would lash and whip out of control burning everything
in it's path—
remember that i am flawed and imperfect,
and that maybe someone's praying
for me because i'm their
the economy of the world is revenge and anger,
but Yours is forgiveness and peace
drowning the world
full of indifference and apathy
of thorned thistles and ugly trees into
a flower garden
fragrant and beautiful.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lela Marie De La Garza- A Poem


Another sun
A different sky
A widened world
And wings to fly

The soul to light
And glory of
God’s place of peace
Eternal love.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Russell Streur- A Poem


GPS malfunctions
And before the app reboots
The oil rig collapses
The ferry sinks
The tsunami comes ashore
The core melts down
The door shuts
The gas explodes
And I am back
To square one
Driving in the dark
Without a clue
Begging on the Lethean bank
For a light from God.