Monday, March 4, 2013

Jason Constantine Ford- A Poem

The Return
Each time I remember him passing
Through sliding doors with a reflection immune
To bad habits that seem to be encompassing,
I recall those events that virtues consume.

From one day unto the next, he was bestowing
His gifts to children who were in great need
By what he gained from a stream that was flowing
With virtues that stem from an eternal creed.

He was the one who broke through the granite wall
That separated us from water in the stream.
He showed us the path where one cannot fall
Into a belief that true virtues are a dream.

As virtues only appear when things are clear,
I know that the noble one shall make himself known
When the time comes for him to reappear
As the owner of a gaze that breaks through stone.

Jason Constantine Ford, “The Return” in Decanto Magazine / Anthology, Issue 44, December 2009, p65.

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