Saturday, August 10, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

unconditional love
You're sandpaper
rubbing away all my flaws
sculpting me into a 
better person for Your kingdom
Your ways are not my own,
but You reassure me of promises
that will come true;
You encourage me when i feel
weak, and you make me
strong when i remember to ask for strength —
You grant me provision,
protection, and love
when no one else can afford to;
You are the lion
slaying all my enemies,
the lamb that was slain for my transgressions
Your love knows no bounds
neither do Your mercies or grace —
thank you, Father,
for always showing me the way
even if i sometimes stray
the light always leads me back home to
Your arms
sheltering me from the harshest storms.

recoloring the world 
the poison of this world
sometimes tastes sweet
until i choke on the razors
of those sins; commandments
were put in place for our
protection not to limit fun yet
so many of us are plagued
by defeat in the simplest struggle
yet You patiently wait, and
i cannot fathom such understanding
or love; You seek me before the
moment of my darkest deeds,
sometimes i listen and others i just
delve into my own self-destruction
yet You always bring me back to the place
i need to be, use my darkness to show
Your light in a world who needs
a flame to light it's way, a passion and a soul
to cut through a world without color.

You are my portion 
there are no scriptures
defending what he did
yet You tell me to forgive
my fury swims up, but You
remind me that you forgave
me; i want to hate him,
but You tell me to love him to
glorify Your name, to show
the world the deep power of Your
love so i keep bleeding love for
a man who will not repent for his sins
who won't turn back to Your light
too interested in chasing his own selfish
desires of lust; i am left blowing
in the wind of forgetfulness when he promised
me i was unforgettable, yet You dried every
tear he made me cry, You held my heart
when i thought it would burst into entropy
You make me shine bright when happiness seems
like a pale illusive dream; You tell me that You
can make this mess beautiful somehow,
that You can make us the people You need us to be
and that i will get the desire of my heart
because i turned to You in my time of need;
oh, Lord, no one can know your great mercies or love
compassion or grace except those that were crushed,
but You promise I would not be destroyed
that one day he would see i was right and he was 
wrong, but You are the changer of hearts
so i'll simply follow You now and always until the world
gives way beneath my feet, and trumpets are blown.

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