Monday, April 14, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

a never ending love 
He speaks in whispers
that we drown
in shouts
and protests and yearnings
to explore things
outside of Him,
and He let us because He gives
us the choice to follow,
and He's always there with open arms
no matter how many times we turn
away from Him;
He has a patience that never ends,
a love that never fails,
mercies that are unfathomable
oceans that drown me
in the conclusion that none of us really
deserve a friend like Him
because we let Him down but He never
does us, but He whispers
He loved us from the start and He 
won't stop even if we do.

He made me, me 
sometimes i wish i were brave
like esther,
but He tells me her trials are not my own
that i will know when i must 
follow His charge,
and He reminds bravery comes in
many forms;
sometimes it's not the raging lion,
but found in the gentle grace
of a dreamer
swallowing her fears, trusting that He will
help her gain success for He is the
author of the universe;
sometimes i wish i could bring down every
goliath that stands in my way,
but He tells me that i am not david
i have other gifts—
sometimes i wish i were anyone but me,
but He tells me even in my brokenness
i am His beautiful child,
and He made me perfectly just the
way i am that i ought not wish to be anyone
but a better person than i was yesterday
for i am not meant to be anything 
in His kingdom other than me.

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