Thursday, December 24, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

handing it all to You
suffering anxiety
isn't always
to remember, "fret not";
but when i hand
it all to You
find such profound peace and tranquility
that the world doesn't seem
such a paralyzing

a true friend 
when the world
is an ugly
and i want to curl
into a ball
cry until it all goes away;
and worries are
higher than the tops
of mountains
Your voice always assures
me that You're in control
You tell me to fret not—
when i give it all
up to You
it all melts away into the kiss
of oblivion
makes me remember
You're the only friend that's never
let me down.

You cast away anxiety 
when the noise of the world
trills in my ears
at such levels
i fear they'll explode
You take hold 
of my heart,
and You remind me to fret not;
there are so many things
You can do 
that i cannot and so i surrender
my fears and my anxieties
because You always
protect me
from the things that would harm me
even when the things that 
may harm me
come from my own negativity and doubt.

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