Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

Thank You
In a world full of sinners,
You survived without
blame, but were ridiculed
for saying You were some
one that you were not,
but you weren't lying - 
we were lying to You
and to ourselves to make
excuses for not doing the
things that we ought 
because being obedient
is often inconvenient and
not what we want to do.
our true nature is to give
into the darkness within,
and without a true guide
to help us through we
would all walk straight
into the gates of hell
after death if it weren't
for Your forgiveness for
people who hated you,
for people like me, that 
didn't deserve Your love
or Your gentleness or 
Your self-control or 
anything else you have
given us, for the list is
far too long to list yet
You gave us free choice
so we could choose You,
and that just blows my
mind because so many
people choose to live
without You because You
didn't make us robots, but
You offered us a choice -
a decision to follow or
to follow our own desires
which often gets us into
trouble because You know
what's best for us even
if we don't want to hear it.
so thank You for every
thing You've done in my
life and for the lives of 
all my sisters and brothers
in Your name because
You've done things that
are behind my vision and
my sight and my knowledge.
You truly are an awesome
God, and I thank You for
everything i am or will be.

another praise
so many songs and poems
have been constructed in
Your name, and here's another
to add to the constant list
that is growing and growing.
Maker of the stars and sky,
of the land and universe,
Maker of the oceans and
of my family and my heart -
my words could never be
enough, but i lift my praise
to you with a heart full of 
gratitude because i don't 
deserve all the blessings 
you've bestowed upon me,
but you continue to look
after me like You do the lilies
and the sparrows and the
trees that grow all around me.
no one can compare to Your
greatness, so i raise this praise
to you whether it be read or
sung because You are the great
I am, it is only through You that
i will every achieve the greatest
things in my life and they will
never compare to You or what
You did and do for Your people.
You sharpen me with Your
words not to hurt me, but to
help me because some of the
things that i crave do me more
harm than the good i anticipate
that they'll be worth or achieve.
so i pray you take this humble
praise and it warms Your heart
because you've taken a girl 
full of anger and hatred and
turned her into a peaceful
being that wants and yearns
to be a healer among the broken
and it's a transformation that i 
see in me every day by Your
hand, and i thank You that 
you should care so much for
a sinner just like me, dear God.
Thank you for caring about me.

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