Saturday, July 13, 2013

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Jesus Christ Defined

Jesus Christ,
begot and not made,
Co-conspirator when plans for the universe,
developed and laid,
both fully God,
and fully man,
understand that,
if you can,
born to die,
so we could live,
His reason to be,
salvation for all who do believe,
Christ with the courage to give us hope,
and love and joy for eternity,
He is the door for you and me,
begot and not made,
existing before the universe created and laid.

Prayer of the Smoke

a burnt offering on this winter night,
the smell of the wood,
clears the mind,
and sanctifies the air,
hopefully pleasing in your sight,
thanks given for another day lived,
full of gifts of your creation,
quiet time to dwell on the love felt,
and received,
holy time,
sacred time,
a time to just breath,
knowing my spirit eventually uniting,
with the holy, 
if my spirit kept right.
A Churchless Sunday

A Sunday morning, 
so bright and new, 
God’s presence obvious, 
to those who believe, 
but church services unattended today, 
afraid the sermon likely to lessen the spirit, 
rather than build the faith, 
feeling guilty, 
flipping channels on the television, 
stopping when seeing a church service, 
the speaker talented, 
spoke of justice, 
and the heartbeat of scripture, 
I always believed the Bible alive, 
but never conceived of the scriptures having a pulse, 
the truth of the statement unquestioned, 
the scriptures alive, 
in us, 
evidenced in the beat of our hearts, 
changing the world with justice, 
yet it not our job as Christians, 
to change the world, 
instead called only to change our lives, 
and the space in which we live, 
the task then, 
not so daunting, 
not so large, 
still complex, 
on this Sunday morning, 
God’s presence obvious, 
evident in the beat of our hearts.
Bio: Douglas Polk is a poet living in the wilds of central Nebraska with his wife and two boys, two dogs and four cats.

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