Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Linda M. Crate- A Poem

Child of God
why do you stand
no different than the others?
Why have you made idols of flesh and blood
of graven images, of stone?
Have you forgotten Israel?
Jew and Gentile both are My children,
and yet both scorn and reject Me
for their gods;
show them again the light
that has faded from their eyes, that can
be theirs again if they have Me to trust in and 
My promise to hope for —
I am the only one that saves in a world of
death and dust, moths and rust
there are no other's that can cut so swiftly through 
arrows of indifference and apathy;
so tell them to trust in Me,
and remember yourself you are not your own
your purpose is far greater than that —
come back to me,
break the walls of jericho standing tall and mighty
in your life; throw jezebel from her throne
and never forget no matter what you do there is nothing
that can separate you from Me except for you.

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