Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Susan Witmer Miller- Three Poems

Sitting at her desk
Darkness enveloping her
Only a lamp for company
Patiently waiting for inspiration.
Words come like a gentle spring rain,
At first a teasing sprinkle
Then a steady stream
Flowing from her spirit onto paper.
Life-giving words reviving churches and nations,
Soothing words bringing peace,
Comforting words healing hearts,
Spirit-filled words saving souls.
She is a poet,
Being used by her Creator
Touching lives
For Eternity.

I’m tired and weary,
No longer can I fight
My energy is sapped
I would rather just take flight.
Lord, life’s battles are so hard,
I often feel alone.
I can no longer fight them;
I’m tired to the bone.
Lord, please send in reinforcements!
I need my warrior friends,
To intercede on my behalf,
So the battle soon will end.
I know you are by my side
when opposition surrounds me.
But you and I need reinforcements;
Prayer warriors on bended knee!

There is a God who loves you,
There is a God who cares,
At times He seems far away,
But He is always there.
He has you wrapped in his loving arms,
Though He seems so far away.
He’s crying along with you,
His heart aches for your pain today.
He hates all the sin and pain
That’s in this fallen world,
And can’t wait to return again,
To make It all brand new.
So lay your burdens at His feet;
Tell Him the hurt you feel.
Vent all your feelings to Him;
With Him you can be real.

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