Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Charles Burgess- A Poem

God makes things better

Whenever you may be sad turn to god he will make things better
Whenever you are down take his hand he is with you until the end
God is good and god is great he will take away all of your pain
God makes things better this I know the bible tells me so
God makes things better for me and you know it’s true
God makes the cancer go away god makes the darkest day become bright
God makes my day better he makes the bad go away
God makes our fears go away
God tells you everything will be ok
God wipes my tears away I know its true
God makes my life so much better listen to the words I speak
I think of what the lord went through my knees go weak
I know true love because of him he sent me an angel from up above
I put my hands together and I pray
I pray for those who are lost they might find their way
God is with me good times and bad lord allow me to take your hand
Climb up on the white horse and take the lords hand
I will end this with I love you lord and amen

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