Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cristian Flores- A Poem

Around the block

Walk with me
Walk with me until you step no longer
Walk with me in patience
Lets walk together
Walk with me
Walk with me in the light of day and of night
Walking with me is credence, leading is guidance
Walk away from the pain, the hate of this world, and of others
Enjoy taking a stroll
Walk with me today, and I shall walk with you tomorrow
If you can’t walk, I will carry you to rest
As if it was forever
Walk with me
Cristian Flores is who he is; a student, lyricist, and more than a conqueror who lives in Seaside, California. He is currently working on his vision of producing his own music for Hip Hop, that includes creating his own beats and lyrics. He is studying for a major in philosophy but has also been considering on majoring in music production or poetry. Cristian will always have his passion for music; he enjoys most types of genres but he prefers Hip Hop. Very soon he will establish his own unique independent record label and continue to pursue his dreams that are not just for him, but for God and you.

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