Thursday, January 15, 2015

Billy Campbell- Two Poems

Gifts of God

In a sea of soft color
A fiery sun sets
As if leaving an impression
So none forgets

Departing in a masterpiece
that none could afford
Framed in the heavens
The art of our Lord

Sacrificing his Son
to show us the way
Gifts of his love
are revealed every day

A glimpse of his glory
and the beauty that awaits
for living a life
as our Father dictates

I'll forever be grateful
however it may go
Though weak in my faith
I pray that He knows

If only I had listened
to what He had to say
Learning to trust in His love
and not be mislead

Joy in Living

Dawn is breaking
as life awakes
Another chance given
to learn from mistakes

A flaming Glory
rising over the trees
Heralds the morning
Our Lord has conceived

Birds sing in celebration
of this miraculous feat
Morning dew of the angels
Happy tears that they weep

Waste no time on regrets
or sorrows of past
Our Father has promised
the hardships won't last

Life is to short
Its beauty so brief
How is joy known 
without any grief 

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