Tuesday, January 20, 2015

J.D. DeHart- Two Poems

King David
See him now, tiny child
slinging a stone and see him later
writing a praise song.
See him in shame, standing
on the rooftop, and see him flee
his own son’s blade.
See him wrap his arm
around Jonathan.  See him dance
madly.  See him be loved by God.
Figure of mankind, scraps of courage,
dignity, and failure, king and human.

The Good News
The Good News is that Jesus
came, but what does that really mean.
A celestial cloud figure returns,
parting clouds like waves.
He divides the earth with a sword.
Harvest time.
A lowly figure is born in a stable
and put to death by the state.
He is human and God and yet human,
and yet…
Tempted, sobbing, crying out.
Triumphant and prophetic.
Perhaps the Good News is really that now
we have a name to put with the kindness
we need to show one another.

JD DeHart is the author of the collection, The Truth About Snails.

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