Saturday, March 21, 2015

Christal Woodard- Two Poems

                             Happy Days Go By

Worry and sorrow pass us and evil intentions follow,
But that doesn’t mean wrath and hate we must swallow,
The cockeyed evil companion that follows you around like a shadow,
You want to be rid of it but don’t know how:

Well, listen to me and you will find,
That all you have to do is look up to the Heavens,
And bind and pray and confess your sins to the Lord,
And then you will feel a certain peace that has settled on you like a dove,
Then you will surely know that you will
Have peace, love, joy and many a happy day from the Master above!

        Our World Today

    The decisions we make,
    The thoughts we think,
    The words we say,
    All make what America is today.

If we but learn to speak of God
In a respectable manner instead of vain,
Then maybe our Lord, if we pray,
Can make our world a better place today.

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