Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lind M. Crate- Three Poems

shining light

i am blessed with words,
and i hope in turn
i can bless You with them;
sometimes i am sharp as glass
but You remind me
to forgive,
and You've forgiven me when i
have not deserved it;
but forgiving doesn't mean forgetting
some say and yet once You
have forgiven me
You do not bring it up a thousand times—
perhaps, what they mean is to
remember the things that
hurt us to learn from them but naught more
because i know You don't keep score;
thank You for Your example of
mercy and love
i hope one day i can shine as brightly as You
have intended me to.


we can all be blessings
use our words to create and not destroy
You've taught me the power of
words, and i have fallen in love with them
their echos are something i look
forward to when it seems humanity is
too much;
i know You love everyone,
but sometimes it seems such an impossible
task to bless those who hurt me
and to pray for those whom i don't like
but i do because You forgive me
especially when i don't deserve it—
sometimes i just want to spit in the eye of everyone
who has hurt me but i know You would not
approve and so i swallow back the venom
try to remember You've called me to be different than the

amazing love 

You who have made all the colors in the universe
care about us and i find that amazing
such love and such tender care
for a creation so tiny
even when grown we are but a small blue print
in the footstep of the world
yet You know all the hairs on every head and every
name and every desire and heart;
i can't imagine how hard it must be to keep
everything straight—
yet You have never called me by the wrong name
or told me advice that wasn't mine to have,
and i know You love me because You never let me go
even when other people have.

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