Monday, September 28, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

helping Hand
You forgive the unforgivable
in others, in me
and it makes me wonder
why people are so
unforgiving and judgmental?
You forgive
the pieces of me blacker than the darkest
so i know i must stretch my hands out
look down upon those weaker than i
simply to help them up
as You have helped
me to stand.

true love 
simply walking into a church
does not make one
a christian anymore than standing
in a garage could make one
a car,
but one can be revived by Your
words and Your truths
so very different
than the law of man;
and i know you have forgiven all my offenses
no matter how wretched they are
so i will always accept people
as they are
love is the only power that can change
the world
it is one of the most important lessons
You have taught me.

lantern light 
they judge me
yet You remind me not to judge
them in return
sometimes it's hard and sometimes
i fail
yet still You forgive me
give me chances
to make it 
and so i will stand as tall as a tree
in the rivers of Your peace and love
leading others to the light of
Your grace and kindness.

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