Thursday, September 26, 2013

Clyde L. Borg- A Poem

                        THE GOOD OLD YOUNG
                         They hold on to life
                         Like some leaves tend to do
                         On winter deadened trees
                         That once were
                         Splendidly green.
                         They resist the iciness
                         Of the gray winter
                         By feigning warmth
                         In gloved hands
                         And layer upon layer
                         Of clothing.
                         They seek inclusion,
                         But often reject it
                         For fear of impeding
                         The activity of others.
                         They listen, observe
                         And look again,
                         Inwardly judging,
                         But then only sighing
                         With abject resignation.
                         They are the aged,
                         The old that were young,
                         The good old young
                         That cling to life.
THE GOOD OLD YOUNG was published by the Lighthouse, 2006.
Clyde L. Borg is a retired high school teacher and administrator.  He has been writing nonfiction and poetry since 1998.  Some of his work has appeared in The Rambler, History Magazine, Vox Poetica and Fate Magazine.  He resides in Fords, New Jersey.

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