Thursday, September 26, 2013

Linda M. Crate- A Poem

lioness of Judah 

i am not a conquest
i am a lioness of Judah
hear my roar
fear my claws and fangs
you will be torn to pieces should you
continue to defile the name of the
Lord our God
what makes you think you're great?
you are but a man,
and only God is worthy
to be praised;
once i made you my idol
hero worshiped at your feet,
but i have repented of that sin
take off this cloak of pride
bathe in the dust of humility
for you are broken and in need
of God's healing
Jesus died to repent you of
your sins,
will you let his sacrifice be
vain for you?
oh, fool!
listen to my advice
turn from your wickedness walk
again in the light of our Lord
so i am not the lioness sent
to rip you to pieces.

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