Thursday, October 17, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

my best friend

such an unfathomable flood
forgiving everything in me unforgivable
taking away all my struggles and fears
showing me a compassion
no human could
He is my portion
our Maker
loves us for who we are (not who we'll be)
He forgives our mistakes if we admit them
tells everything we need
never lets us hunger and thirst
catches us when we fall
when sin is about to crush me all i have to
do is call on His name,
and He is there
because He never forsakes me
like even the best of human friends is apt to do
even accidentally
He is always there when i need a shoulder to
cry on or someone to laugh with
or someone to set my path straight when i stubbornly
turn away from His ways;
how awesome is our God?
He that controls the tempest in the eye of the storm,
guides each thunderbolt to the earth,
stores hail and snow in the clouds,
forgives murderers and adulterers?
He is my best friend,
and i will love him always.

save yourself

emblems of your faith
won't save you
only God can do that
but he doesn't talk to you a lot
anymore because you've gone your own way
fell prey to satan's trap
and unrepentant and uncaring of all the hearts you trampled
you pressed on, but your pride will kill you
should always this path you walk;
why can't you admit it to yourself to Him
that you don't know what to do?
He'd help you
should you call on Him,
but you won't you're too comfortable in your sin
prove me wrong,
and i'll applaud you, my brother,
but until then you can't call yourself my kin
for you are not like Christ
He would never have cut me to pieces
or admonish me for loving Him
punish me
from seeing my favorite people again;
how can you think you're great?
you're only a man,
He reigns;
and it's to Him you'll answer
for every heart who you've shattered into stained glass
including mine,
and i don't envy you
turn your eyes back to heaven
He will make your paths
straight, make you the david with a heart
like his own;
don't continue laying
with another man's wife
one day he'll kill you
so turn from this wicked path save yourself like you
couldn't save me because He is your portion
as well as mine.

His glory

when i'm a crumpled lily
He restores my petals
when i'm a bird whose lost her song
He puts a new psalm into my heart
when i fall down
He restores me to a better glory
than i'd ever known before;
when i cry
He dries my every tear
when i am cruel and wicked
He makes my path straight, and admonishes
me in a way that will prolong my life
from the pit of sheol
so i look to His guidance always
when i bleed
He heals the wounds
when nothing goes right
He carries me  through the tempest
when i need to hear His voice
His whisper is always kind
when i fear
He chases away my every doubt,
and i will forever praise
His glory.

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