Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wilda Morris- A Poem

Halt here.  Take off your shoes–
     your inattention,
     your casual forgetfulness–
this is holy ground.
Their cry has come to me–
     the hurt and lonely,
     the poor and sick and sorrowful–
to them I send you.
                                                                But they won’t understand.
                                                                     I cannot speak well.
                                                                     Surely you could find someone
                                                                better qualified.
You speak well enough now–
     making excuses,
     copping-out on those who need you
because they need me.
Say, “the Lord has sent me.”
     I will give you words
     and strength for every task.
Go now. I send you.
Published in The American Baptist in December, 1979.
Wilda Morris has been writing and publishing poetry for a number of years. She leads poetry workshops at the Green Lake Christian Writers' Conference and elsewhere, and presides at a monthly poetry reading sponsored by the Illinois State Poetry Society. 
Her blog at provides a monthly contest for other poets.


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