Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mark Goad- Three Poems

The Question

If, as seems possible, what is not given
will be taken away,

a certain generosity of heart is advisable,
the problem being

you have to want to give those very things
you don’t want taken away.

It is a serious puzzle and largely unsolvable
by rational minds, minds

given first place in a feeling, irrational world,
grasping, clinging, holding on. I

ask again the question of grace, of losing one’s
life and finding it again.

Surprised, Amazed

How surprised Jesus was by Judas’s kiss
he’d been expecting
all along.

How amazed we were:
God’s supreme accomplishment
is forever being surprised at himself.


Is it true – do you think? –
that God can’t resist our prayers,

hearing them?  As when you can’t
draw your eyes away

from a rose-purple sunset, marvelous
surprise of the common

but bitter, too. Is there relief
for a brokenhearted god                                

who can’t stop listening
to our wounding cries?

Mark Goad is a poet now living in the Boston metro area (USA). Born in Ohio, he has lived and studied in Chicago, Geneva, Switzerland and Boston (with sojourns in Connecticut and rural Nebraska). Undergraduate and graduate studies have been completed in English Lit., German language, theology and philosophy.  His work has been published previously in Assisi, BAPQ, epiphany, bluepepper, Decanto, Big River Review, Extracts, Crannóg, Ayris, The Wayfarer, Contrary, Christian Century and other literary journals. 

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