Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jonathan Bolick- Two Poems

Among the reeds

wading into the water,
she wonders how
she came to this place

how she loves so strong
yet have it be so wrong

This baby,
what shall it be?
a laborer, slave
a servant


not now
not my son

Lord, take him
and make him yours

and mine,
 Coming home

taking what he thought his own
left to find what he had not known
leaving made his sire un-whole
worried about his very soul

unknowingly he went to find
what he felt he was declined
out among the world so cruel
left to fend against the fools

try as he may and struggle so
he became lost and oh so low
lost among friends, sinners pine
left alone to feed with swine

humbly, hungry on the ground
left the swine, homeward bound
as he came his father cried
my wayward son, now by my side

the fatted calf now sacrifice
bring his robe, my ring suffice
let us sing and dance and praise
my son has come, our cups be raised

the father joyful at his child
no more curious about the wild
home at last forever more
from now on lives in bible lore

one reads this story and he thinks
left the fold and in trouble sinks
one can't come back and join once more
but that is what our Savior's for

calms us when we are so weary
dries our eyes once so teary
guides us when we feel alone
lost, He gives us rest and home
Jonathan Bolick has published 5 books of poetry and has appeared in The Red River Review and The Dead Mule.

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