Saturday, November 16, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

my Savior

when sorrows
my psalms into
You make the sun
to shine again
remind me
of Your glory as You
paint the sky
sunset of my heart,
and You make
me smile
when the world
spews vitriol
into my face and heart
You embrace
me with such amazing
grace i cannot
and as i gaze at all Your
amazing and beautiful
i wonder why
You take the time to help
me shine
when i stumble and fall
such amazing love
You've given
the world and me -
love and caring
when i feel shamed and make
mistakes, and i turn away
You assure me
that it's okay that You'll
forgive if only i
and i don't understand how you can
have such compassion
for a flawed
like me
i am the sea creature
covered in oil,
but You see me as a ruby
full of worth and beauty
and purpose -
You tell me
i am beautiful just
the way i am,
and when i'm all torn up inside
You sew me back
more beautifully
together than i've ever been before
so thank you for being my Savior.

singing Your praise

people will reject me
You warned
me of that, but You
never have
You're there to
dry my tears, hold my
hand, to mend my broken heart;
You're there when
it is all
apart around me -
You lift me out of the
darkest mood
put a song in my heart
when it felt
as if all the anxiety
would crush
me beneath it's brow,
and there's nothing i can do
to repay the
i'm in so i'll spend
every day singing Your praise
drinking in the beauty
of Your creation
upon my shores
singing joy to get me out
of sorrow.

the deepest magic

so many lies
i've told myself to
assure myself
i'm not worthy,
yet You tell me those
are only satan's
words, and only true if
i let them be
because You love me
flawed and broken
as i am;
You died for my sins,
so why is it so
hard for me to give them
up? i wish i could just
be pure and holy,
your temple always i hate
the flesh and it's desires
always trying to convince me to
turn from You -
Father, please heal me;
and, Brother, hear my cry,
Spirit mediate on my
behalf, i beg you,
i feel as if i'm losing myself
sometimes to the world,
and You're the only
cause i want to be for because
when everything fades away
all is but dust and shadow and smoke
You're the only thing that matters
because Your love is the deepest
magic, it saves us from the dagger spell
of the world crushing us under the
wrath of it's dagger.

Linda M. Crate is a Pennsylvanian native born in Pittsburgh, and raised in the rural town of Conneautville. Her poetry, short stories, reviews, and articles have appeared in a myriad of magazines both online and in print. Her novel Amethyst Epiphany is forthcoming from Assent Publishing under their imprint Phantasm Books. To find out more about the novel you can follow her blog here: To find more of her writing you can follow her on facebook here:

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