Friday, May 30, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

the great Teacher 
it's hard to believe the
Maker of thunder
storms and the wielder of
tsunamis and tornadoes
is also concerned
over my soul, 
but You are;
speaking to me in whispers
gently nudging me in
the way i ought to go—
You teach me 
many lessons:
forgiveness, love, patience,
compassion, self-control
among others;
and no matter how many times i fall
You are the Teacher that never
gives up,
You will always be there to help 
me to my feet—
sometimes i fight so hard against You
like an infant that fights sleep,
but in the end i find it would have been so
much easier simply to surrender
to Your will
for You have plans to prosper me
not to hurt me, 
and knowledge and wisdom i could never
hope to know.

He called us to be different 
we are ALL made in His image
not just the people you
like or agree with,
but especially those you don't;
everyone is your brother
and your sister
even the people that you don't
particularly understand
or care to know—
acceptance is hard, but that's our job
we are meant to love the loveless
and not to judge
to love unconditionally
just as He does;
it does not say in the Holy book simply
to love your friends but also
your enemies—
His ways are not our ways
nor can we grasp all of His wisdom or
understanding, but we can do as
He says to make this world
a better place; a vineyard full of fruit
with love that never dies
in a world starved for truth and drowning in indifference.

the purest light 
are the light
cutting through every darkness
anyone will ever step upon
in their lives,
and You are the love that we all
hope to know
unconditional and giving;
we love because You first loved us,
and i've always enjoyed giving
sometimes i get exhausted
when all people do is take,
and i wonder if that's how You feel
when people claim they love 
You, but don't give You 
everything You deserve in return—
i'm sorry, father, brother, spirit
for all the times i've failed and all the times
i'll fail You again; i'm trying to walk in
all the ways i need to
to bring honor and glory to Your name
because in a world where everything fades away
Yours is the only name that saves.

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