Friday, May 30, 2014

Natalie Itzhaki- A Poem


Perhaps a bird ate the breadcrumbs laid by the side of the road by the Woodcutter's children.
It isn't bad being lost in a forest where its stems has yet to fall.
Only the fruit from the Tree of Life with its glory asks that I wearily lose my branches.
I think nothing happened after the gate was finally closed and I crawled on my belly.
Would like today to emanate you all with grace.
Generically rebound my soul. Take it all –
A cinnamon stick I left in my room and its odor has yet to expire,
My words which I did not want to give back.
You can read all that I have concealed from you,
My worst works of art.
To ask my peers all that I did not wish to tell my other friends.
Take away my favorite clothes. Those which I did not want to lose in my Abstraction.
All the money that was left. If any remained.
Give away all that I've made in my vocation to those who desire it.
You can throw away all the insults I was unable to release. Along with
The keenness and the envy.
Try to forgive the moments of selfishness
Cherish the love which I was able to give,
Don't analyze to death. That line has already passed.
Give your loved ones gifts. The loneliness will scatter through homes until the end.
And about me.
Leave me over the fence.
And god will claim my soul.

short biography:

Natalie Itzhaki (1983), a native Israeli poet, has published her poems in various Israeli magazines and journals.
Natalie Has published two poetry books: "forbidden swim shore" (2010) and "after the comma, love" (2013) for her living, Natalie is a deaf children teacher and professional Israeli sign language interperter.

Testament – Natalie Itzhaki, translation (from Hebrew): Tali meirav -

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