Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tendai R. Mwanaka- Two Poems


to that blessed garden
we have to return.
one step after another
to garden Eden.

one bee to only
one flower entwined.
God from Adam's ribs
made Eve only.

only through this union
we can eat.
only through this way
we can stop this dearth.

Children, fair and young
fathers and mothers.
only this way we can
triumph over the-

vengeful, ravaging
angel of destruction.
hence i say to these
words we listen to.


doctors have failed,
faith-healers have folded their hands.
witch-doctors cast no-lots,
prophets have shut their mouths.
tears have flown!

we now mourn and weep dry tears.
young and tender stolen.
nothing left, no tears to bleed.
we wait and wonder,
for a sign, a stop, a word from above.


VOICES FROM EXILE, a collection of poetry on Zimbabwe’s political situation and exile in South Africa was published by Lapwing publications, Northern Ireland in 2010. KEYS IN THE RIVER: Notes from a Modern Chimurenga, a novel of interlinked stories that deals with life inmodern day Zimbabwe’s soul was published by Savant books and publications, USA 2012. A book of creative non-fiction pieces, ZIMBABWE: THE BLAME GAME, was published by Langaa RPCIG (Cameroon 2013) I  was nominated for the Pushcart twice, 2008, 2010, commended for the Dalro prize 2008, work has been translated into French and Spanish. I was nominated and attended The Caine African writing workshop, 2012. From January- April 2014, I was a Mentor for 3 budding writers in CACE Africa Writivism. Published over  250 pieces of short stories, essays, memoirs, poems and photographic/visual art in over 150 magazines, journals, and anthologies in the following countries,  the USA , UK , Canada , South Africa, Zimbabwe, India , Mexico, Kenya, Cameroon, Italy , Ghana, Uganda, France , Zambia, Nigeria, Spain , Romania, Cyprus, Australia and New Zealand.

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