Friday, July 18, 2014

Jane Blanchard- Three Poems


Back in the day I did believe
Lord Jesus once took sin away,
But now I know I was naive
Back in the day.

For still I err, to my dismay,
And Christ must grant me new reprieve
Each time I yield to Satan’s sway.

Not on this earth will I achieve
A life that does not go astray,
A concept I could not conceive
Back in the day.


all is vanity
under the sun or elsewhere
make peace with pleasure


Welcome, small one, grandchild of mine!
May all you are and do on earth
Remind you of the great design
That brought about your day of birth.

May you grow strong and wise and fine;
May work and play and rest give mirth;
May sun and moon upon you shine;
May you trust God for faith and worth.

Jane Blanchard studied English at Wake Forest before earning a doctorate from Rutgers. She currently divides her time between Augusta and Saint Simon’s Island, Georgia. Her work has appeared previously in Calvary Cross and recently in Belle Reve, Concho River Review, Mezzo Cammin, and Penwood Review.

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