Thursday, July 17, 2014

John W.L. Toivonen- A Poem

The Baptist in the Morning

His only agency was the silence
with which he started each morrow in the field
that rested behind his straw and earthen home.
This earth was the alter, the resting place
where his spirit stretched and contracted time.
He did not hear his wife's voice when his mind
aligned in melody with the Father.
What did he see? The silent prayer was a trance
where a purple violet flowered in the sky
to kiss John's mind. Each color became proof
that beauty was painted by the mind of God.
He was cradled by a great will knowing that
each melodious sound gathered his and each
believing soul to perfect unity.

John W. L. Toivonen published his first book of poetry, Song After a Long Campaign, in 2013. Toivonen has published his work in Atavic Poetry, Midwest Poetry Review, and Paterson Literary Review. His work will appear in the 2014 edition of Roanoke Review.

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