Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ramona Thompson- Two Poems

A Mirror For The Glory

Lord above
Let me be
A reflection of you
And all that you can do
In your name most holy
I pray
Give me
The strength and the wisdom
I need
To be your shining example
To turn others
As you have turned me
From that path of ruin and utter disgrace
Help me to be
The righteous one
Made in your image
Let me be free
From the devil's temptations
Far from a clouded and flirty mind
Give to me a soul
Pure and clean
As close to perfect
As you deem me to be
My God
My God
In your tender footsteps
I vow will follow
If you but make of me
A mirror for your glory

2015 Ramona Thompson

What Faith Is

Stronger then strong
If only you knew
If only you would believe
All the good and wonderful things
You could have
You could hold
In the palm of your own human hand

It moves
Swift and sure
It knocks away
Every unholy devil placed in its path
It hears and answers
The earthly call
For Heavenly justice
Putting right
All for the righteous

No man
No flesh can overcome
The power
The glory
Eternal in its might
Rising up
The ultimate sword
Against a world gone mad
If you let it
If you believe
It'll be here
Every step of the way
To fight for you

Trust is bold
Truth is sure
Forever a part of you and me
Beside us
It is tall
It is firm
None shall take you
From his hand of glory
Heaven sent
Holy, holy, holy
A savior for real, my friend
Oh yes
That's what faith is

2015 Ramona Thompson


Ramona Thompson has been a writer for more then 20 years with such publishing credits to her name as Fifth Di ezine and This Ain't No Rodeo.

Fans/readers may contact her anytime on facebook or

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