Saturday, April 18, 2015

Romona Thompson- Three Poems

Born In Poverty

Born in poverty
I never had much
But somehow I always had enough
Blessed by him
To never go without
What was foremost and necessary
For me to survive
And so I learned
To accept
Sometimes the richest things in life are not
Mansions nor gold
Simply having enough
Instead of too much plenty

Born on the streets
I grew up tough
I grew up wise
Yet somehow I never lost my faith
Even in the worst of times
He was always
At my side
Through the drugs and the drinking
Through all my many mistakes
Praise a forgiving lord
He never left or forgot me

Born unwanted by my mother
Raised up never knowing my daddy
I still had a father
Guiding me
Teaching me
Molding me
Making sure
No matter what life in the gangs did to me
I was never forsaken
And when I had my own son
He would grow up different
He would have a future
Cause his daddy let himself be saved
Just in the nick of time

Born in the ghetto
Never mattered to me
I didn't need no heavy green
No mansion
For my reward was never here on earth
To be found
And now as I breath my last
In this gutter
I am still grateful
For I know just where I'm going
Up to those Heavenly gates
I am his
I may have lived
Born in poverty
But I'll die here tonight
Raising up to be
Reborn in his riches

2015 Ramona Thompson


Is God Anti-Gay?

In this life and beyond
It's all about love, peace and understanding
Or at least it should be
So why do we judge so harsh?
Why are we so jealous of the love between others?
It brings to mind
So many questions

We're all a part of him
The almighty creator
So who are we to say
What he made is wrong
How do we know what's in his mind?
Maybe we shouldn't be so quick
So rash in our human judgements

Instead of apart
Isn't that how this story should play out?
MLK had a dream
Am I native to believe
Our God has one too
One of peace, harmony and acceptance
For all
No matter who they love

Maybe it's a bit out there to say
Maybe I'll be damned
But I can not hold back any longer
This thought burning within
Is God anti-gay?
Or are we so harsh?
So cruel sometimes
Are we anti-God?
Pushing aside the most wonderful of all emotions made
True and lasting love

2015 Ramona Thompson


God Poem

Our God is now
Our God is today
So live it to the fullest
For it is true
No matter how we may long for it to be so
Tomorrow is not promised
Try your best not to sin now
For tomorrow if you stray
Too far today
Hell not Heaven
Could be thy
Eternal reward

2015 Ramona Thompson

Ramona Thompson has been a writer for more then 20 years with such publishing credits to her name as Fifth Di ezine and This Ain't No Rodeo.

Fans/readers may contact her anytime on facebook or

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