Monday, November 2, 2015

Donal Mahoney- A Poem

Angels, Devils and Halloween

Three are known by name, 
Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, 
but there are a zillion angels,

pure spirits who have no wings 
like those we draw on Cherubim, 
the baby angels, or the wings we add

to Seraphim, that mighty choir 
of angels singing Hosannas 
day and night in heaven.

You see, it’s the Guardian Angels
I’m partial to, not the ones 
who patrol Central Park

separating guns from joggers.
I mean real Guardian Angels, 
the ones who fight fallen angels,

the real devils who create hell in us
while kids wear horns on Halloween.
If Guardian Angels had wings

I’m sure they’d be battered and torn 
after fighting the devils we entertain
every day not just on Halloween. 

Donal Mahoney

Angels indeed are in the Bible but in recent years they seem to have been adopted by the New Age Movement, something that recently brought them to the attention of the writer who previously had not thought that much about them. He’s happy believing in the Trinity even if due to the finite mind he shares with all humans, he will never understand the Trinity on Earth. 

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