Sunday, November 15, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

putting my stones down

maybe if we could drop
all our stones
Your name
would be better glorified
in a hard, bitter
forgetful of all the good and remembering
all of the bad;
maybe if we clothed and fed those
who needed help
You would shine through our eyes—
if we could remember
You don't judge us for all the wickedness
we've done
perhaps then we could remember You love them
as much You love us.

like You

if You could forgive
all the vile
i have done,
then why shouldn't i forgive those
who hurt me?
You gave me perfect grace
and perfect love
so i cannot
to love others because in loving them
i become like You,
and that is what you've called me to be.

being a blessing like You

there has to be a change
in who we are if we are to be
like You
if we truly want to make a difference
then we need to put down our stones
lose our pride,
and remember to love and have compassion
even for those who don't deserve it;
because none of us
deserve Your perfect grace,
and yet if we accept Your mercy then You rain
down Your blessings
so i hope to bless others as You've blessed

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