Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jonathan Beale- Two Poems

Jonathan Beale has 400 plus poems published in such journals as: Decanto,  Penwood Review,  The Screech Owl, Danse Macabre, Danse Macabre du Jour, Poetic Diversity, Voices of Israel in English, Miracle-E-zine,  Voices of Hellenism Literary Journal, The Journal, Ink Sweat & Tears, Down in the Dirt, The English Chicago Review, Mad Swirl, Poetry Cornwall, Leaves of Ink, Ariadne’s Thread, Bijou Poetry Review, Calvary Cross, Deadsnakes Review, The Bitchin Kitsch, Poetry by Birkbeck alumnus, The Dawntreader, I am not a Silent Poet, Pyrokinection, Festival of Language, ‘Don’t Be Afraid: An Anthology to Seamus Heaney’, Ygdrasil, the Four Seasons Anthology, The Seventh Quarry and Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology.
He was commended in Decanto’s and Café writers Poetry Competitions 2012. His work has appeared in such books as Drowning (Scar publications), The Poet as Sociopath (Scar publications). His first collection of poetry ‘The Destinations of Raxiera’ is published by Hammer & Anvil.
He studied philosophy at Birkbeck College London and lives in Surrey England.

This simple life

This simple life, a Carthusian life if you will
From what is here and is in reach
The thread one day on to another.
The sky offers the long blue carpet
Rolling on to St Bruno and the hills. 
The leaving is just, leaving a vacancy
No epitaphs as non is needed
Here, names are dispended with
as the candle is extinguished
with that final breath. 

The choice

The choice is written among the grains of sand
It takes absolute abstraction to read and then
Ultimate abstraction to understand. The owls
Versification and the foxes alchemy create this
Universe. The world once full to the brim of
Icebergs slowly fades into a pear and drips
Drips slowly slowly away.  Action are carved
And alter-action made from the shavings and
Sculpting’s.  The type is set. The page is printed
The bronze cast. The prophecy fulfilled   

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