Monday, January 11, 2016

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

eternal forgiveness

we are masters of our own chaos,
but You forgive all the darkness
in me
when i but ask;
sometimes the hardest thing for me
is to forgive myself,
but You tell me that i must—
You always soothe
my deepest
and make me feel as if i'm good enough
when the world makes me feel
rattier than a tattered and torn blanket.

calmer of storms

i can be kind to others,
but sometimes
i forget to be kind to myself;
but You commanded
us to love our enemies and so i know
i have to love myself
sometimes it's just hard to be kind
knowing all my flaws and weaknesses
remembering things You've already
wondering how i could have been so foolish,
but You still my mind from the thoughts
of these calamities
sometimes You are the only one that can calm
the storms in me.

shattered masks

You shatter masks,
and still i go after people wrong
for me;
You close doors that i open
sometimes it isn't until i'm hurt that i
realize You were trying
to protect me—
i always try to believe in people
even when i've seen their
because You love me even when
i'm dark and at my worse;
i forget everyone
doesn't have a heart like mine,
but You're the one friend
that's never let me
the only one that always forgives me
for any slight i've ever done and do.

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