Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mary Bone- Three Poems

Mary Bone has been writing poetry since the age of twelve and has had poems published in newspapers, journals, magazines and online blogs. Her most recent poem accepted for publication will be in the July/August issue of Oklahoma Today Magazine.


I had compassion on my fellow man,
And now I’m trying to help him, any way I can.
I know our dear Jesus had compassion on me,
While hanging on the tree.
As He looked down through the ages,
And visualized me.
Who am I, that He would love me so,
And have such compassion long ago?
That love continues. “Why?” I do not know.

His Majesty

His majesty flows from sea to sea.
His greatness is reflected in the faces of you and me.
His majesty deserves our praise,
All the length of our days.

A Hateful Society

I’m trying to relate
In a society of hate.
It makes my teeth grate,
Only God knows our fate.

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