Monday, February 1, 2016

Donal Mahoney- A Poem

Everyone Goes to Heaven

Universal salvation claims
everyone goes to Heaven
and no one goes Hell.
Highly controversial.

The auditorium was packed 
the night three professors 
debated universal salvation.
Questions from the audience
revealed some folks were happy
to hear everyone goes to heaven. 
Others groaned in disbelief.

A man in the back row
asked if universal salvation 
meant some day he might
have to share a schnitzel   
in the clouds with Adolph.
Some folks applauded
that remark and others 
stood up and booed.

A man in a white coat 
and stethoscope necklace 
asked what happens if a 
doctor has a heart attack 
and dies during an abortion. 
Does he go to heaven or 
must he be vetted by Peter. 
More applause and more boos.

A college student stood up
and said he thought people 
should believe in something
then added he meant they 
should believe in someone.
Another young man asked if 
universal salvation means 
murderers and rapists spend 
eternity with the angels.

The gathering finally adjourned
to the cafeteria downstairs as
questions and answers
continued over coffee and rolls.
It was the kind of thing one finds 
after a church service on Sunday
except the fellowship was missing.
People were still arguing as they
drifted out in groups, sparklers
sizzling in the night.

Donal Mahoney

The author was surprised to find the article 
in the link below questioning the existence of Hell:

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  1. We walk on our paths in life and hopefully we
    try our best to follow Jesus.