Monday, February 1, 2016

Jim Boggs- Two Poems

Jim Boggs is from Harlan County Kentucky and has spent 49 years working as Broadcaster in Radio and Television.  Having retired in 2015, he is currently working on, “Kentucky Twilight”, a book of regional poetry.  He resides in Hazard Kentucky.    Jim has been published in “Pine Mountain Sand and Gravel”, and “Randomly Accessed Poetics”.

When I was angry with God

Placing a grain of sand in my hand
I thought if I were
this grain of sand
dropped on the beach
I could never be found.
In this universe I am less
than a grain of sand,
I am infinitesimal  
and I have been found
because I Am.


Remembering you
forgetting me
I take my first step
to being free:
Free of pain,
free of sorrow,
free of fear
about tomorrow.
Jesus the alive
Jesus who died
Jesus with whom
we are crucified
pours on me
sweat, blood, tears-
I’m dripping wet
with love.

1 comment:

  1. Both poems are inspirational. I liked the first
    "When I was angry with God" Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and can't always see the light. However, it is always there.