Friday, May 3, 2013

Gerald Bosacker- A Poem

Gamboling grasshoppers fritter and play
devouring all that stands in their way,
but saving squat for harsh winter’s sway,
daring demise with ho-hum eclat.
Consider then, the hardworking bee
who stores up his efforts for you and me,
eschewing rewards for that industry
while doubting not, his mortality.
I fault my self, but which are you?
Are you part of the enslaved few,
shunning life’s pleasure just to accrue
the assets of those more serene than you?
   When does ambition become greed? All noble virtues become a bad word when taken to excess.  Thrifty to excess, becomes miserly, and cautious turns craven.  The grasshopper honeybee analogy has long endured but I play with the platitudes involved, seeking wry humor.
   I tried to identify with the hard-working bee, but I would not tolerate a keeper taking more than half of the products from my hardwork for his gain, like the honeybee suffers.  Would you?
    Likewise, I could not linkup with grasshoppers chewing up somebody’s hard work.  Most of my peers fall somewhere in between the examples of hard work and sybaritic play and consumption, I hope.  If I drive someone to their dictionary, well and good.

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