Monday, May 27, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

no greater love 
sometimes Your scarred hands are the
only ones that remember me,
brushing away all my tears i cry into being
taming the sea of emotions that try
to erode my heart into oblivion — 
You smile at me when the world shakes it's
head at me in disappointment, create
rainbows to restore my hope after seasons 
of fierce rain; i wonder why You chose me to serve
you when i'm but one pearl in the world
flawed and broken, spilling moon silver dew
upon the grass when the sun's meant to shine — 
Your patience and kindness has led me
to still waters that wash away my fears, and i have
nothing to repay You with; still You remain my friend.

once i thought i was nothing,
but You told me i meant something to You
took me out of the sea of my self pity
made me open my eyes to those whom i had not seen
spoke to me kindness to bestow upon them
to dance rivers of joy in my veins
when i thought only darkness could remain
Your scarred hands bled for me,
and i could not understand why this should be
You told me Your gift was for all 
that they should all be spared the agony sometimes our
own bad choices bring, and so i sing the same
song as your doves because i know no greater kindness
will or ever will be bestowed upon me. 

heaven bound 
tongues wag
in church and out of church
wonder what this love is
God speaks of and Jesus is because
this town is rife with gossip and judgment calls
it doesn't sound like forgiveness
nor compassion that spilled from the mouth
and heart of our Saviour;
i'd like to nail these sins upon the cross,
and let them die as He did
without letting them rise from the dead
as He did —
judge not lest ye be judged
seems to have been forgotten because it's too convenient
to pray for forgiveness they seem to forget that sin
is sin and none is greater in the Maker's eyes;
a murder and a liar are all the same to God,
maybe if we understood that we wouldn't do the things we do —
perfection is a hard thing to aim for being flesh we know
we fail, but it's too easy to be reluctant to change
falling into the excuses that we're only men
called to be different we ought not lay down in the dust and scream defeat
so easily we should strive to be better people for our Lord who
crafted us all from the dust making us each special and beautiful in our own way
to touch the world with His light, to turn all eyes heaven bound.

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