Friday, May 3, 2013

Steven Jacobson- Three Poems

Light of Gold

the sun reaches out with tendrils of
radiant splendor, stretching forth across
the heavens and redefining our world in
longing reverence.  the light bursts
through the clouds, showering and adorning
the land and sea.  the hues mottle and color
the mountains and valley below.
life is fruitful and full of wonder,
and just as the sun shines in our faces,
so God wants His glory to shine in all
our hearts.

Abounding Child

the body of a child like
a vessel holding precious liquid,
the mind of a child like
an empty slate board,
the innocence of a child like
a pure and golden,
the heart of a child like
overflowing carafe of vintage wine,
the soul of a child like
rich and resonating with love and laughter,
the spirit of a child like
an eagle soaring high with grace and glory abounding,
the love of a child like
pure woolly white driven snow covering a pristine landscape,
the life of a child like
ageless and free forever and ever……

Light N’ Life

the stars circle spiraling
inward taking on new meaning
as the twilight fills the air.
the stark randomness walks with
memorable stature and form.
we are forever mesmerized
taking part in a grander
scheme being of light and dark.
the sun playing and dancing
apart of a deeper thought
and forever coupled with the
forthcoming of light and life.

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