Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

make me more than this moment 
Caster of fears
drive them away
they are crippling and debilitating today 
Maker of rainbows
dance some joy in me
let the scars of yesterday fade
into Your blue jade oceans;
if i must be a prophet let me be as Moses
overcoming my fear to speak to people
let me not be melancholy as Elijah
if i have a heart let it be like
David's who was a man of Your word 
let me not fall in these narrow streams of mankind
for You made me for something more than this.

i see broken halos of light
everywhere i walk
have Your angels forgot their posts
or are they the fallen ones
whose judgment is yet to come?
are they the guardians You sent to
protect us from all the vile things
that deceive us and try to ensnare us in their
clinging ropes or are they just shadows
of a past long forgotten?
dry bones that need life breathed into them
as Ezekiel did ages ago, i feel sometimes i am one
of those bones brittle and frail i need to remember my purpose
so please breathe it back into my heart as only You
could for i know i am meant to rise from these
sorrows that i won't always be broken,
but sometimes it's hard to believe You'll shine Your
light through someone flawed as me.

Your wisdom is all around me
breathing in the clouds,
growing in the grass,
hanging in the arms of trees
so why is it that so many cannot see
Your face? why is it that they can
see these beautiful things,
and Your imprint lost to them with eyes
blind yet seeing they walk on;
i hope one day Your wisdom will shine upon 
them as i cannot bear the thought of what
should happen to them, otherwise.