Sunday, March 9, 2014

Jane Blanchard- A Poem

Lazarus was not one to die and tell.
The first time, he spent four days in a tomb
Before the Master raised him to resume
His faithful walk on earth, then said, “Farewell.”
We can but wonder whether Jesus’ friend
Passed through the pearly gates, strolled golden streets,
Roomed in a mansion, slept on silken sheets,
And sang with angels ’til this bliss’s end.
The second time, the Lord did not drop by
The site of sisters’ grief in Bethany,
For once some followers could hear and see
Him risen, Heaven called Him home on high.
Yet hope abounds that never-ending love
Still lifted Lazarus to life above.  
A resident of Georgia, Jane Blanchard studied English at Wake Forest before earning a doctorate from Rutgers.  Her work has recently appeared in The Healing Muse, Penwood Review, The Raven Chronicles, and Seminary Ridge Review.

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