Saturday, March 8, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

the great Healer

You heal me and help me
without my
deserving it; how
could i choose to do anything
less than praise Your
Holy name for the rest of
my days?
He who makes a home
for even the most
minute insect to the largest
hippo swimming in the
He who is strong enough to
conquer and vanquish
countries and towns alike;
yet You hold my hand
tell me that i'm worth more than
rubies when i feel worthless
tell me to keep trying
when despair tries to drag
me under her flood
because You have plans to 
prosper me not to hurt me.


You remind me
i am stronger than this pain
tougher than all these
making me cry at night
tossing and turning me out
of my bed,
and so i pray and You
make things better
sometimes even the most minute
change is enough to make
me breathe,
and You always know exactly
what i need and when i
need it even
when i'm stressing out and freaking out
You know it will all end all right,
and so i'll try to stop fretting
because i know it tends toward evil
You told me so;
so i'll remember to trust You
because You're the only power that saves.


You are the only power
that saves
so i turn to You
because everything seems
to be falling apart
before it can fall together
yet i know You have
plans to prosper me not to hurt me
so i'll hold on
even if this ocean is threatening
to drown me
i know You have the power
to hold Your hand out and stop the storm
from devouring me
so i hold on here breathing shallowly
hoping that soon
this pain will be gone
because it's really hurtful, but i know
You won't let it last forever.

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