Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kim Bond- Three Poems

Lord, How You Love Me!

Adoring me in my waking hours
Befriending me when I had no friends
Chasing me when I chased after idols
Doting on me even as I sleep
Exhausting my mind with glorious thoughts
Flowing in the air I breathe
Giving me amazing opportunities
Helping me be a better person
Instantly hearing my prayers
Joking with me when I need a laugh
Kindly nudging me in the right direction
Loving me with a sacrificial love
Moving me to focus on what is pure
Nursing my emotional health
Openly acknowledging me as Your child
Pouring Your Spirit into me
Quieting my anxiousness
Rallying behind me when I need courage
Stopping me from making big mistakes
Throwing adventure into my path
Understanding me better than myself
Valiantly protecting me
Walking before me and lighting my path
X-linking my chromosomes 
Yearlong songs sung over me
Zapping me with warm fuzzies


stings in wounds,
leaps from our pores,
pours down in warm tears,
dissolves ice on sidewalks,
crystallizes to form flats,
cures meat for later consumption,
slaps the face with a colossal wave.
Have we lost our saltiness, Father God?


Life in this body
Careful how you handle it
Seems to be long and sturdy
Appears as concrete
Strong, durable, tough, rugged
But is actually glass.

A relationship
to the Lord seems virtuous
Unbeknownst to onlookers
It's a buoy at sea
Realized only by those
who swim in deeper waters.
BIO: Kim Bond loves to write and considers it her ministry. She authored a Christian short story collection called The Footstool and edited a testimony collection called Never Forsaken. Her most recent poem was published in Ancient Paths. 

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