Sunday, October 19, 2014

Charles Burgess- A Poem

Upon The Cross

Dear Heavenly father in heaven hear these words I speak, this is for you.
As you died for our sins, upon that cross, you did with a smile.
While you were upon that cross, the tears ran down your face, you died for the human race.
I was lost but you showed me the way, now I pray to him every day.
While you lay upon the cross, marks on your skin; from being beaten again and again.
You took with all your heart so we could live free of sin, thank you lord for all you do.
Upon the cross you lost your life, to save the human life. Now I am here to say thanks.
You fought with your life just to save a poor soul like me, thank you my savior for doing it again.
You gave your life for us now, the world has forgotten about your sacrifice.
Thank you god for all that you do, your love is pure and true, and your guiding light shows the way.
Tears run down my face I know what you went through that fateful day.
They could not hold you down three days later you raised from the ground.
Jesus Christ thank you for giving your life upon the cross, with you my life will not be lost.

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