Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

we're all sinners

we are all imperfect
flawed creatures
the world from our own
each different from one another's,
and He forgives us;
so why can't we forgive one
He made us to love,
and Jesus says this is one of the
greatest commandments
yet you would say he hates gays;
God is love—
He may not condone what they're
but have you never sinned?
stop throwing stones
and open your hearts in compassion
realizing you aren't the one that
changes hearts He is;
and if you want them to believe in
Him then you must be
from the world as He's called you to be,
and realize not all of them will
believe but you
can still be the light He's called you
to be
because even sinner's can be

live without fear

if He is for you
then who could be against
yet we still fear
and i wish i understood why
there are more terrible
things than to be told
one is wrong;
He has called us to a higher purpose
than to please humans
we were called to be different than this world
so why should we fear rejection and
persecution we know will come?
it tells us 365 times in the bible to live
without fear,
and so we must trust He will take us
where we need to go,
and pray without ceasing that the
chaos in this world will
be extinguished
one day this world will end as we know it
yet He will come in a time unknown
to us all,
and so we must continue on
despite our differences and despite our pain
bringing light to a world of darkness.

child of grace

sometimes we must be brave for Him
in a world that scoffs at His words
we must hold tight to His
because if He is for us
then there can be no one against
and there are things worse than death:
cowardice for one,
and He has called us to be fearless
so i must trust and have faith and go boldly
where He tells me
even if my heart and step should waver
i know He controls my life
and one way or another He will get me where i
need to be—
i am not my own,
and so i must answer the call of my Creator
even when i am scared
He tells me to move and even when i'm exhausted He
carries me through,
and so i will be the woman He needs me to be
because i am of a worth even i don't know
i am His child.

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